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  • Yes it went up pretty sharply from 2020 to 2023 rising from 28% to 41%, but went up even more sharply from 2023 to the present rising from 41% to 55%, 10% less than it’s all-time high in 1993 and just 3 points less than it’s dot com bubble fueled peak in 2001 of 58%.

    It’s notable as generally in the US support or indifference for immigration has been high during periods of economic growth and low during recessions. But our economic data says we’re not in a recession. It implies that something has either changed with the drivers of American’s opinions on immigration or that the economic data is incorrect or incomplete.

  • Honestly, because of the EPA regulations, it’s difficult and expensive to make the small trucks that were so popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Tesla could have cleaned up with a simple single-cab electric truck (especially if it came with fleet purchase options). Because of the economics of the situation if it were priced in the 25-35k range it would fly off the manufacturing lines and become the new standard workhorse for local businesses (think plumbers going out to 5-6 calls a day and then charging overnight), plus it would have the added benefit of a “bring your generator to the worksite” stuff.

    They’d just have to be willing to strip a lot of the fancy electronic stuff out for manual things (like manual doors, environmental controls etc…).

  • Neither is calling the president an ineloquent loser without having an alternative. So stop acting like complaining is the answer.

    Complaining is the answer. Biden shouldn’t have ran in the first place, his Cabinet should have threatened to 25th Amendment him if he decided to run again. He’s going through dementia. And most importantly he’s loosing in the polls especially so in 6 out of the 7 swing states. And voters considering Biden state that his age and competence is their #1 reservation keeping them from voting for him. RFK has nearly 10% in some places a couple of percentage points from himeams that he’ll beat Trump amd what he needs to do is adress his obvious shortcomings.

    But unless rank and file Democrats complain, nothing will change. They didn’t complain enough before the faux-primary and now they need to complain even more now.

    You want to replace Biden? Come up with a viable candidate that can beat Trump or realize that Biden is the best we’re gonna get before November and deal with it.

    Harris, Butttiget, Booker, Whitmer and one other person whose name I can’t recall at this time were polling withing 2 points of Biden’s clip last week. According to this poll Harris polling ahead of Biden and beating Trump nationally in polling. While I’m not sold on a Harris Presidency because of her very poor record; I think she’s in the best position to take over.