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    1. Soak your rice in water and rinse 2-3 times.
    2. Keep the rice in water for a while in a bowl (bowl is important).
    3. Chop onions into long pieces and potato into small cubes.
    4. In a pan, heat up oil/ghee whichever you like.
    5. Once hot enough add a pinch of cumin seeds to oil.
    6. After a few seconds, (before cumin seeds burn) add your onion and potato and fry them for a while.
    7. Pour out water from the bowl and add the wet rice to the pan
    8. Stir a while
    9. Pour one and a half bowls (same bowl from step 2) of water to the mix.
    10. Add salt and cover it slightly.
    11. Don’t stir, and once all the water is boiled out turn off the stove.
    12. Cumin seeds might’ve floated up so mix the rice in the same pan and make sure there is no water and cover it for a while
    13. eat