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  • Just going to second this point of not really knowing what’s going on in someone’s head: I’ve known a few of people over the years who just had a “weird” (to me) affect, or manner, and it’s only after spending more time when them that I learned to read them properly.

    And just speaking of myself, I know I can come off as angry when I’m just quietly thinking, or sarcastic when I’m really just trying to be earnest and straightforward. Like really really trying lol

    Could also be that you’ve simply encountered yourself a jerk, in which case, you can safely dismiss them

  • Yes it’s normal. I got laid off some time ago, and even though I was able to find a better job fairly quickly, I feel like I lost my mojo.

    I always knew that a job was a relationship of convenience, but I figured being good at my job, relatively cheap, and well liked, would protect me from this sort of action.

    It’s demoralising to realise just how shallow the relationship is.

    Anyway good luck on your job search.