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  • Gas, oil and coal demand is reducing globally; however global investment in fossil fuels is increasing, albeit at a far lower rate than renewables.

    For coal the summary definitely seems to support the reduction in themand, but at least for the next few years gas and oil still seem quite stable to me.

    I suspect this is driven by third world countries, where the initial cost can put off investment in renewable infrastructure;

    Shouldn’t it be the other way around, particularly for solar? Easy to set up, cheaper, flexible to scale, and the more decentralized setup might even help with poor electricity grid, since you can just set them up whereever needed and even have them work insular without connection the the network.

    Also this report suggests that energy production from coal, gas, oil, hydro and nuclear have starting to plateau from 2021, with solar still showing an marginal increase alongside wind, bio energy and ‘other’: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/electricity-prod-source-stacked

    Imo the recent events have made it a bit hard to judge trends just from a few years. 2021 you are right in the middle of covid screwing over global trade, following that you have russia invading ukraine and the subsequent shift in europe (will be interesting how that plays out once the conflict ends), and as the main article of this thread suggests hydro was heavily affected by recent droughts (although those might become the norm). Only nuclear might be somewhat easier to extrapolate, since new capacity doesn’t just magically appear, but involves long term planning.

  • HDR vs no HDR makes a big difference in colours to me. And if you compare compressed low Bitrate footage vs higher Bitrate there will often be artifacts or color banding, particularly in darker scenes or wherever you have gradients.

    It ofc also depends on what device you are watching it on. But I would say that yes if you have a movie (made up example) that is compressed to 5gb total size vs 25gb vs 70gb for the uncompressed Blu-ray quality, then the first jump will be a very noticeable difference assuming you have capable hardware. Whereas the second one will be much much less noticeable and also come with other drawbacks that need to weighted off, e.g. storage requirements.

  • Finde ich prinzipiell begrüßenswert und heutzutage nicht unbedingt selbstverständlich das relativ zeitig und direkt auszuschließen, auch wenn es bei der nächsten Wahl absolut keine Chance für die Grünen auf das Kanzleramt geben wird, anders als beim letzten Mal.

    Werden die Grünen sich jetzt direkt hinter Habeck sammeln oder gibt es noch irgendwelche anderen Kandidatinnen (denke es würde wenn eine Frau sein)? Und hat Habeck überhaupt Interesse an der Spitzenposition oder ist er nach den 4 Jahren inzwischen auch zermürbt?

    Wie soviele hätte ich ihn lieber als Baerbock bei der letzten Wahl als Spitzenkandidat gesehen und glaube auch er hätte bessere Chancen gehabt. Aber das würde ich wie jemand anderes hier schon erwähnt hat eher der Partei ansich, als ihr selbst ankreiden. Und eine generell schlechte Kandidatin war sie finde ich nicht.

    Wobei Habeck durch die vergangenen Jahre jetzt auch mehr Ballast hat als vorher. Teilweise unverdient wie z.B. bei der Heizungsdebatte. Aber auch vieles was man sich selbst zuzuschreiben hat, aktuell finde ich z.B. den Vorschlag mit Steuerrabatten für ausländische Fachkräfte ziemlich daneben.

    Dass er oft mehr Führungscharakter gezeigt hat als unser eigentlicher Kanzler ist zwar lobenswert (wenn auch eine niedrige Messlatte), aber wird für ihn wahrscheinlich nicht ausreichen.

  • Is that actually the case? I was under the impression that at least under US teenagers the iPhone usage was insanely high. And those are far from cheap, so at least there parents seem fine in spending big.

    Also the cited article mentions $250 for the se watch vs $200 for the Samsung (although I guess that one might have bigger discounts). $50 difference doesn’t seem large for the “Apple tax”.

    To me the plastic part would just seem like a risky gamble. Apple has the premium image and it might cheapen it. Especially on a device that is constantly visible, has skin contact and isn’t used with any case.

  • Doesn’t look great:

    • No progress with health features, which seem like the most exciting evolution.

    • Who truly needs the larger screen and faster chip. Especially the former will presumably reduce battery life, something that very much matters with watches.

    The company is also working on a new version of its lower-cost Apple Watch SE model, which it last updated in 2022. One idea the company has tested is swapping the aluminium shell for rigid plastic. It’s likely to lower the cost to something that could better rival Samsung’s cheapest watch, the $199 Galaxy Watch FE. The SE currently starts at $249.

    That really doesn’t sound like Apple.

  • I’ll go based on letterboxd release year. Often times it’s hard for me to judge towards which year I should count a film that might have had a limited release in the previous year, but then a wider cinema run later.

    So far I’ve enjoyed:

    • Dune part 2: epic sci-fi and that is exactly my jam, so thus far my favorite movie of the year.

    • Civil war: Imo flawed in some ways and not quite what I expected (expected it to be more social commentary and less about war photograpy), but overall still very much a recommendation and good movie. Alex Garland has made some of my favorite films of all times (ex machina and Dredd, also enjoyed annihilation), but it didn’t reach those heights, so I’d rank it below those.

    • Exhuma: usually not a horror fan, but I guess I very much enjoy the Korean ones. More direct compared to “The wailing”, which it somewhat reminded me of, but that had more of a mystery aspect.

    Movies that don’t yet have a wide release, but that I already saw at a film festival:

    • Black box diaries: Documentary by the journalist Shiori Itō about her own sexual assault case and her battle against the outdated judicial system and social views in Japan. Sadly I missed the screening with q&a afterwards. I found it interesting and overall well made, definitely gets a recommendation for whenever it gets a wider release later this year.

    • All we imagine as light: Drama set in india. Feels like comparatively I’ve seen less movies set in India, so it’s always nice to get a view into other cultures. Overall I enjoyed it and can also recommend it to people that like this type of movie.

    Also watched “the substance” (body horror) during the festival, but while decent that just isn’t quite my cup of tea.

    Some movies that I found “meh” so far include Furiosa and monkey man, but there is also a lot that I haven’t seen so far.

  • The performance was never the consideration for Nintendo. They want a handheld that can last a long time, so they will always clock their chips down.

    I fully agree with the first sentence, but i don’t think the second quite hits the mark. The real reason is simply cost.

    If Nintendo was concerned with battery life, then they’d still go with a modern processor, but as you say clock it down to hit the efficiency sweet spot over chasing performance. But instead they usually choose something that is already dated at release (even accounting for development time), as opposed to a company like Apple that pays a premium to get first dibs on any new processing node.

  • Yeah the cast looks pretty solid, my only uncertainty in that regard is to what degree Denzel/Pedro Pascal disappear into their respective role vs me seeing them as these familiar actors. But that might be a subjective problem

    Besides that any mention of Aftersun automatically gets an upvote from me, such a great movie and performance by Paul Mescal.

  • But the revenue roughly doubled and profit/share price more than doubled, so it’s all good :) (estimated based on this data)

    I say this mostly sarcastically, but there also is a component of truth to it. It really shouldn’t be surprising that a rapidly growing company has increasing emissions. The question should mostly be whether or not these resources were being used to produce something of value.

    I imagine that right now at least for LLMs most people will answer this question with no, but only time will tell if that changes

  • Idk waterproofing/resistance is a nice feature to have, even if it’s just for the peace of mind. There are more instances where your phone might get wet. Heavy rain, spilling something on it (maybe even in a bag where it’ll be exposed to it for longer). Accidentally falling or getting pushed into water.

    But I guess mostly the peace of mind aspect e.g. when using it near water. Water damage is an unplanned accident, battery degradation is slow and doesn’t have the same risk of suddenly leaving you without a phone (that serves many purposes nowadays). So that is a different kind of risk people want to have some insurance against.

    However as someone else said repairability and a decent IP rating don’t have to be mutually exclusive.