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  • Last summer I experiemented with seasoning my cast iron in direct sunlight.

    I would start the seasoning the pan in the oven/stove top for 30 minutes and then place it in direct sunlight.

    I usually left the pan in direct sunlight from ~9am to ~5pm.

    The pan would be too hot to touch barehanded so I know that it was hot enough to do some polymerization.

    From what I read online somewhere, polymerization happens at relatively low heat. We just speed up the process by increasing the heat.

    I also read that UV also polymerizes the oil. Which made me think leaving it in direct sunlight would help the process.

    I did this for a few days and it worked.

    Obviously don’t leave it outside in humid or rainy conditions. Or when it’s very windy. You’ll end up with things landing on your pan.

    I also placed the pans in direct sunlight upside(so things would not stick to the inside) down with oil on the interior of the pan to see if it would polymerize without preheating in the oven/stove top. I did this for one day only.

    Polymerization did start to happen. The oil became sticky but I estimate it would take 1-2 weeks everyday for the oil to fully polymerize.

    I’m going to do it again this year to experiment more.

    I figured the sun is free so why not let it do the work.

    Edit: I did this on days that were over 90°f.