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  • I don’t know man. As someone who’s been using PCs for decades with occasionally dabbling with stuff on Linux shells, I’ve tried to install Arch on my laptop a couple months ago and I kept running into one problem after another while trying to follow the Arch wiki installation guide. Maybe if the guide had a single set of instructions that would work majority of the times, instead of branching into options, and only cursory mention of critical stuff that should not be left out mentioned in footnotes, it’d be easier to install. After the second attempt that took a full evening I just gave up.

  • Thanks to this guide I’ve stopped banging my head against the wall trying to install Arch on a laptop and just ended up putting Mint on it. Nearly everything works out of the box, and Cinnamon seems to be close enough to what a Windows user would expect, and then some, seeing how customizable it is.

    I’ll bang my head against the wall again once I’ve familiarized myself with it.

    Thanks again OP!