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  • There’s like three leagues in my suburban area, so I imagine quite a lot.

    I believe there’s zero difference between sports and sports other than audience size and length of time the leagues have been around.

    Now a single streamer playing a single player game and mostly engaging with the audience? That’s a different matter, and probably more like drive time radio than anything.

  • I can’t figure out the “rules” for that situation, as they seem very fluid depending on the corner and the outcome.

    I wouldn’t have thought Lewis should have given the position back to Sainz, but l also watched Max barge Charles off there years ago with no penalty.

    While Max was clearly at fault for the collision, Lando was optimistic on a few of those attempts, my personal favorites being “He moved under braking!” Where max looked like he took a pretty normal line through the turn, and “He pushed me off!” When Lando locked up and blew through the corner.

    I can’t stand either one of them, so it was highly entertaining.