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  • I don’t know rogue-lites too well, but I know Hollow Knight quite well, and I know Sekiro very, very well. Hollow Knight is the best 2D game I’ve ever played, and I think it’s worth at least checking out. The music, the art, the atmosphere, everything is really well done. For less than $10 it’s worth trying for 2 hours and if you don’t like it you can always refund it.

    As for Sekiro, I think it’s got the best gameplay of any game ever. That being said, it has a very steep learning curve. Eventually the game will click, but until then it’ll be incredibly frustrating and very difficult. Once you get past that though it’ll feel amazing to play. Every one of my friends gave up on it before it clicked for them so there is definitely some risk but I truly believe if you push through until it clicks you’ll find it incredibly rewarding and satisfying to play.

  • Not the person you asked, but I’m in a similar boat and used mods and spent a lot of time in settlement building. The only two mods I can remember that made a big impact included the one that basically acted as a cheat terminal (since I played it originally on Xbox, but now that I’m on pc I don’t need that anymore) which allowed me to have unlimited resources, and the other being the one that expands the build able area and the build limit infinitely. I did use other mods, but I think they were mostly graphics mods that didn’t affect the actual settlement building, just the way it would look slightly. I might’ve had some mods that changed NPC behaviour within settlements but I can’t remember 100% right now. That was probably 5-6 years ago