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  • There is no doubt that lasers will play a bigger and bigger role in combat systems, especially in a layered air defense networks.

    But it’s dishonest how these articles only cite the cost of electricity. It would be like citing the cost of a single shell of artillery to imply that is the only expenditure when the system is used.

    Just like a Howitzer, the parts on lasers experience wear and tear, but to replace them cost a hell of a lot more than a new barrel.

    Yes, in the long-term lasers will be more cost-effective than ground to air missile interceptors*, but any reporting that is clearly trying to make an argument for cost savings, should have the integrity to get figures that factor in battlefield maintenance of those systems.

    *When applicable. Lasers will not remove the need for any existing systems, but will provide a cost savings by providing additional options for the air defense system’s operators.

  • You’re delusional.

    You went out of your way to find one of the very few polls showing positive news for Biden in Michigan and then posted links to their company website where they write blog entries based on the results of their market research.

    Additionally, you’re badmouthing anyone who points out that Morning Consult’s latest Michigan polls are outliers.

    Maybe they actually have the best current methodology, but unless you want to write up a white paper on why that is, stop speaking ill of anyone who points out that their poll is an outlier, or that your link isn’t to a news article, but to a market research company’s blog.

    Especially when those commenters come with sources, such as the link to aggregated page of 65 polls that I posted. Which by the way, includes Morning Consult’s figures as well.

  • It’s just complete ignorance of the Iranian political system and at some level, a buy-in on the media’s relentless anti-Iranian propaganda.

    Far be it from me to defend a theocracy, or Mullahs, but…wait, I won’t they’re horrible.

    However, Iran’s theocracy is far less insidious than the Gulf Monarchies, so I guess it’s better by default?

    Oh, and no candidate is allowed to run unless they are signed off on by the Ayatollah, so there’s that caveat as well.