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  • The biggest issue I’ve always heard people say when it comes to replacing a video hosting service like YouTube is needing storage space and bandwidth.

    I feel like ipfs, the interplanetary file system, could be leveraged to do this but it would require a concerted effort to make a fast, stable, reliable, and federated YouTube replacement, and I imagine that we would need people to financially support it.

  • The way intermittent fasting is supposed to be used is that you just straight up skip your meal or meals, and then you pick up on the meal that you start eating again as if you had had those other meals.

    Don’t use intermittent fasting as an excuse to eat a 2400 calorie dinner and you will lose weight because it created a calorie deficit.

  • It is but it isn’t. CICO is not the whole picture, but it is the foundation of the rest of the picture.

    No matter what you eat, if you consume and absorb fewer calories than you burn you will lose weight, whether it be through body fat or body muscle.

    That is a known truth.

    However, there are many other factors at play right now that every single person that just jumps on the calorie in calorie out bandwagon refuse to wrap their heads around.