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  • WinX. If you are asking what was the catalyst. Their seizmic change from attempting to listen to what customers want. To Cloud and AI first to exploit the customer. Security, and privacy means little to nothing.

    Every product team no longer targets what the customers want, none. Everything is to extend AI and rent charging at all cost. A small team infiltrated Microsoft in early 2000’s and warped what success looks like within the company to profit, at any cost.

  • The distances between stellar objects are far too apart for gravity to be a remote factor at all. Let alone dark energy is theorised to be the force accelerating the speed at which matter is distancing itself.

    The universe will fade out of existence as suns burn out and their heat is lost to space with even the blackholes burning out (hawking radiation) as they too disappear and space turns into the black nothingness. Objects become so far apart that not even if they emitted light you would not be able to see a thing.


  • I absolutely understand the extra work worry. I worry Microsoft is killing Windows consumers slowly enshutifying it by turning the heat up slowly. I hope not but i expect it will reach a point where it will no longer be the product you recognise. I do highly reccomend dual booting to learn when you have the energy. I recently switched back and have been very impressed by nixos approach to configuration based system wide configuration. Its dam fantastic novel approach, my OS and apps are configured via files and if i screw up to it’s easy as rebooting and selecting the previous config. It took me 2 hours to get everything configured as a newbie including hdr. I am now done, have nothing more to tinker and have a future proof computer which in my opinion saves me significantly more time than windows. For example if i reinstall, i just add my config to the installation and done. Literally everything is setup exactly how i like it from os to apps.

    If you ever do decide to try out Linux there are plenty of us ex Windows users in the community that are willing to help where we can.