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    Some people would kill to have that much. I would, If I were them, keep going. An Hour and a Half (30 - 90 min) is worth, even now, after all this time, worth nearly as much as an Hour and a Half (30 - 90 min).

    Words of wisdom right there

  • Final Fantasy 2 (actual 2 not the one with Cecil) is way underrated. Its got a dialogue system like Morrowind, skills that get better as you use them, a fantastic villian, and great story beats. Its also the first game to have Cid. Also also people love FF for the mix of fantasy and tech and 2 is the first game to really embrace that theme. 1 has a one off robot and the airship, but 2 really shows the empire abusing technology to retain power.

    SPOILERS SPOILERS [people love 6 because the world gets messed up, but 2 did it first with the empire destroying several cities] END OF SPOILERS

    And you have talking beavers and I think thats great.