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  • Ok, so purely logically speaking. With that much poop on your hand you would have to have a relatively deep sink so you don’t splash poop water. You would have to wash your hands for more than 20 seconds and scrub under your fingernails. You should probably use an antiseptic soap. Wash up to your elbow in a deep sink that doesn’t allow for splashing of water. Make sure to scrub soapy water under and around your fingernails very well. You would essentially have to do a pre-surgery hand washing.

    Biggest safety hazard I would say would probably be to other people. Not cleaning up afterwards well enough would probably be pretty common. People here in the United States and normal modern bathrooms regularly don’t wash their hands it’s a pretty big leap to assume everyone is being sanitary with this practice.

    Could it be a sanitary practice, probably. Is it a sanitary practice, probably not.

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    You can disable it in the registry. H key local machine, software, policy, microsoft, windows, OneDrive, disable sync value change from 0 to 1 and it will turn it off. I may be a little off this was just from memory.