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  • Not a doctor. Really don’t do/consume anything on the basis of what you hear on Lemmy.

    But maybe the bacillus thuringiensis toxin? Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacterium that produces a natural pesticide that I’ve heard (again, not a doctor, don’t take anything I say as medical advice) doesn’t affect vertibrates. But mosquitos aren’t vertibrates. So, (again, not an expert and this may be bullshit) maybe that means it’s safe for humans to use.

    But what do I mean by “use”? I’m guessing it might (not a doctor) be safe to use on the skin (if it could be obtained in medical-grade quality – but I’m not an expert).

    But I kindof doubt (though I could be wrong) that eating bacillus thurengiensis or the actual toxin would work. The toxin is (I believe, just from reading the bacillus thuringiensis Wikipedia page) a protein, and I don’t think (ɹoʇɔop ɐ ʇou ɯɐ I) consumed proteins are likely to get into the bloodstream. (And if they did, I suspect (though I am not a doctor) that would cause you some problems, or at least an immune response and some inflamation or some such.)

  • TootSweet@lemmy.worldtoAtheist Memes@lemmy.worldYou don't have to fear these things
    2 days ago

    Don’t try to understand the mind of a fundie christian.

    I’ve heard sermons that claimed “psychology” was a religion. Their problem with yoga is similar. (It has connections to hinduism. At least that’s part of it.)

    A lot of megachurches have classes/programs that are almost exactly yoga, but by a different name. The name they give it escapes me.

    Hell. There are shops on Amazon that sell yoga stuff (mats, balls, shorts, whatever) without calling it “yoga” balls or “yoga” mats so christians don’t feel sinful buying it.

    And yes, they’re just retailers buying yoga gear wholesale (or drop-ship or whatever) and listing it without using the word “yoga.”

    Edit: Googling to find if there’s a common name for the christian version of yoga, I found this god-awful thing.

  • I do wonder how frequent it is that an individual developer will raise an important issue and be told by management it’s not an issue.

    I know of at least one time when that’s happened to me. And other times where it’s just common knowledge that the central bureaucracy is so viscous that there’s no chance of getting such-and-such important thing addressed within the next 15 years is unlikely. And so no one even bothers to raise the issue.

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    4 days ago

    I usually even type “https://”. Even when I’m just using a browser and not writing code.

    I think it’s probably the case that these days the modern browsers will automatically give you https without having to type it out (and maybe only give you the http site if the https url doesn’t work?)

    But there was definitely a time when typing wikipedia.org into an address bar would give you an http:// address.

    A lot of sites even then would immediately redirect you to an https version, but if you put a whole-ass path in, the request for that path would go over the internet tubes in plaintext before the the redirect came back. Which is roughly no better in many cases than if the site doesn’t even redirect you to an https version.