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  • He’s now a mechanic, but that becoming an inspector was his entry to car work. Do you get your car inspected every year or two? It’s that - windshield wipers, horn, tires, drive it and see if it brakes in the allotted space, plug it into the smog check machine. If you can tolerate working outdoors (in an open garage) and you’re ok working with your hands it’s not a bad gig. I think he started at $12/hr plus a dollar for each inspection he did, plus a little commission if someone bought windshield wipers, a new gas cap, stuff like that. Here, the people who work M-F fight to be off Saturday/Sunday, so they’re always looking for weekend help. I think the two day class was about $50 and the license to be an inspector is $25/yr.

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  • As someone mentioned, write down every single purchase you make, no matter how small. You’ll see a place to cut. Check all of your subscriptions - phone, Internet, everything, to look for a cheaper option. It’s easier to get a job when you have one. Always be on the lookout for things you could do instead of or in addition to your regular job. Maybe find something for weekends that offers a good benefit or discount - gym, grocery, something that will earn you money and reduce an expense. My son did a two day class to get certified for vehicle inspections - tons of jobs. If you don’t work Monday-Friday you could get on a school district sub list - you can say yes or no when they call you.