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  • I was raised catholic. Nursery, primary, high school and sixth form. Church every week. Extra lessons at the church in preparation for the sacraments. I was even an altar server for a time. I think I must have pretty lucky with the parish priest/my teachers though because I the most important thing that was drilled into us was the “golden rule” - treat others as you wish to be treated. Even as a child I knew the Old Testament stories were just that - stories. We were never ever taught that god hated anyone no matter what. We were also taught about other religions and not in “these idiots got it wrong” way. Judaism and Islam were taught as basically the same as Christianity but with a different idea of who Jesus was. I took Christian theology and philosophy A level and had a fantastic teacher. We spent hours debating the existence of god and we were never told we were wrong if we no longer believed by then. There’s a name for it I’ve forgotten now, but we compared the gospels to look for inconsistencies and examined what that meant for their validity. You were never expected just to believe for beliefs sake. I’m not catholic anymore, I have too many issues with the Church. But it’s shocking how unchristian the current brand of American fundamental/evangelical Christians are. It’s just so far from anything I was ever taught.

  • Yup, literally the first thing I tried to do on the App Store version. I didn’t get a “looks like Lemmios crashed…” message this time so I couldn’t send feedback. Also the screen kinda jumps sometimes when reading a long thread. You’ll be in the middle of reading comments (not sorted by new) and suddenly the text disappears (but the app doesn’t crash) and you have to reload it. That was happening on the beta earlier but you can’t really screenshot it so I didn’t report it. I think I sent 5-10 crash reports today alone. I have a new iPhone with the latest software so I’m not really sure what’s going on. Tbch I’d pretty much made Lemmios my primary app but it’s been so buggy today I had to go back to Memmy.

    EDIT: it did the screen thing as soon as I posted that reply. I was reading it back when suddenly it disappeared