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  • I agree. Getting people to believe they took part in <some event> x years ago might not be easy. But can you get people to question certain secundairy elements. “Did I really meet <some person> during <some event> 4 years ago?”

    It would probably be pretty easy in a cult-like situation, where the person wants to believe it and has a community that supports that belief. Also, I think certain types of cognitive-behavioral therapy boil down to convincing yourself that a certain belief/memory is better managed by turning it into a different belief/memory. But that’s not something I’m as familiar with.

  • I watched this last night, and thought it was poorly-made but fun. I cross-posted to [email protected] and said:

    yeah, it’s pretty bad. The acting is terrible, the fight scenes suck, and the special effects are very limited. But it does have a couple 80s New Wave musicians, like Martin Kemp (bassist from Spandau Ballet), Adam Ant, and Grace Jones. Also, Robert “Airplane!” Hays is the bad guy, James Hong (Mr Ping from Kung Fu Panda) has a role, and there are rebels that use Mac Pluses and those enormous IBM Model M keyboards. So if you expect something cheesy, it can be entertaining.