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  • Fair enough. I agree that that if it’s in her/biden’s name maybe normal campaign financing laws apply. That wasn’t what I was hearing, but I won’t pretend I looked into it in more detail.

    That said, there are tons of ways to donate money from one party to another without breaking any laws - that’s kind of the whole problem we have. There’s no reason to think Harris keeps that money for her own campaign if we were in the scenario where we’re running a third person that isn’t either of them. It certainly isn’t a reason to end the discussion for getting us at least a fighting chance.

    I understand how scary this is and how foreign the situation we’re in feels, but I don’t think the answer is necessarily to look for the safest option (especially if that means an old man with blatant dementia).

    In a perfect world, we’d fill the streets and force them to put that money in a transparent account and use it to fund a candidate people actually support (one that support public financing of campaigns and all the end unnecessary spending and legalized bribery)

  • Ouch. I typed up a whole reply to them but apparently never sent it and now it’s gone. Sigh. Oh well. I’ll reply to them next

    My criticism was about their claim that only Harris could use the campaign money. It’s ridiculous to think that they wouldn’t support the DNC’s candidate. Besides that, there are tons PACs that can use the money they’ve received from donors for basically whatever they want.

    The reply was maybe a bit harsh, in hindsight, but I keep seeing that parroted around like it’s undoubtedly true. It’s clearly just being repeated and not said with any significant critical thought. I mean, if we had a brokered convention it would be all hands on deck at the DNC.

  • I’ve read that explanation many times from many people, at this point. I’m honestly not yet compassionate enough to forgive y’all for what I believe to be willfull ignorance (no offense, srsly). That said, I totally respect your opinions and actions as a free fellow citizen.

    My only question is, didn’t you care that she was obviously going to lose? Did really not that matter to you? (These are rhetorical, I guess, since if you could’ve you would’ve.)

    It seems the real issue is a failure to understand how politics works in general, how it works in the US, and how it works in a two-party system. The answers to those questions should help you understand why so many people recognized that if Bernie didn’t win, we’d be in this exact position. No one can tell the future, but plenty of people have predicted exactly what has happened (from trump being president to the DNC propping up a corpse despite the will and wishes of voters and donors).

    Finally, imo, if Warren was sincere (and wasn’t purposefully trying to hurt the chances of policies she supposedly supports being enacted) then she’s unbelievably incompetent, which I absolutely do not believe she is. That leaves only one alternative: she refused to run against Clinton because she knew she would have a good chance at beating her and didn’t want to run against here; instead, she preferred the certainty of a cabinet position (or less likely, support in her own presidential run 2-3 terms later - an insane bet, imo, given no party keeps the presidency a 3rd term in this country) and then she ran in 2020 to help Biden based on the same motives (support the DNC and they’ll support you). She sold out plain and simple.

    I’m truly blown away that people don’t recognize that many progressives clearly said it would be a Bernie vs establishment DNC (i.e. Biden) rematch and it was. How do people not feel absolutely duped after all the BS 20+ candidates that were obvious distractions that then all joined to support Biden like fuckin clockwork. Fuck conspiracy theories, we literally watched this stuff happen and people still seem beyond confused. It’s so wild to me

    Sorry for the rant in return. I wish I had friends I could talk to about this stuff, but my friends are mostly dumb as shit. They’re a fun crowd tho ;P

  • Why did she run in 2020 though? Why didn’t she run in 2016 when Bernie and many of her supporters, myself included at the time, overwhelming supported her and begged her to run against Clinton (because we knew she was a terrible candidate that would cost us so much).

    Why did she choose to run against Bernie when the policies they support are so similar.

    Better question: what policies did she support that she didn’t think Bernie would enact that made her feel she needed to run against him? It was obvious he had a better chance than her that point, so why run against him?

  • No idea, tbh. I’m nearly half way through it and I’ve yet to hear anything controversial other than religion is basically made up, but I already thought so. It’s really just super thought-provoking stuff.

    If I were to describe it, I’d say it’s moreso an incredibly well thought-out narrative on the story of the human species and where we fit in time and space.

    For example, the part this meme is from blew my mind. It’s a couple paragraphs and gets set up with the backdrop/context of the agricultural evolution and kind of comes out of nowhere.

    Lastly, one interesting thought I had while reading it is how evolution doesn’t really “care” if we’re depressed, as long as we’re still reproducing the cycle continues (this was moreso a thought I had while reading the book than something explicitly said, I think)

  • You’re assuming a lot dude, I don’t disagree with you on any of that stuff. I literally never mentioned any of those things you’re upset about. Go reread my comment.

    All I’m saying is, the company I work at, which doesn’t reflect everyone, has trans managers and more women leading teams of engineers than I think most Americans would imagine. That’s why I asked.

    I’m like 95ish% with you, it’s just that you made a huge claim, the US isn’t inclusive. Try to imagine a person that isn’t “willfully” ignorant, for lack of (trying to find) a better word, hears you say that while from their view they see more and more trans people, women, POC, and immigrants in real positions of power. It would be understandably jarring to say that’s not inclusive.

    Regardless, I think you forgot to answer my question. What does the word inclusive mean to you? Is it like an all or nothing kind of thing? If so, what would that look like?

    Honestly, you’re not making conversation with you easy. But it’s all good. Haha. I can be pretty rude and insufferable at times, myself (no offense). We totally don’t have to keep this going if it’s not worthwhile

  • You don’t think the US is inclusive? What does that word mean to you?

    Not trying to argue or anything. It’s just a bit surprising to me. I work in the US and the company I work at takes great steps to be inclusive. I legit have to always applaud their efforts (as a brown dude that supports gay/trans folks). I honestly can’t imagine there’s many cities on earth where that happens


  • So we can’t even talk openly about our opinions if they disagree with the goals of the Democratic party? See we all have our lines. This is mine.

    Imo, politics isn’t won by hiding your true beliefs and, for lack of a better word, being fake. Maybe it did in the past, but I don’t think you can fool people that actually care.

    Based on your comments I would have to assume the things you say will always be filtered by your opinion of how it will impact the Democratic party, and I personally think that’s a terrible way to advocate for policies you support (unless you’re a politician, which in that case I could somewhat understand). I’m open to changing my mind, but I don’t think I’ve ever even heard an activist say something like that either