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  • I did a mixture of these 3 recipes,

    I’ll try to do a write-up, but was mostly flying by the seat of my pants…

    5 large (about the size of my hand) pieces of ginger 2 lemons 1/2 navel orange 2.5 cups sugar 1 packet gelatin Cloves, star anise, turmeric

    Cut ginger into slices and simmer for 30 minutes. Drain, but save the cooking water as ginger tea, with a bit of sugar added. The last 10 minutes, I added some cloves and star anise to the simmering pot, but the flavour wasn’t really noticeable in the final product, so may want to try adding them sooner. Then puree the boiled ginger in a blender - could probably skip this step if chopped small enough, but I don’t really like chewy pieces in my jam

    Cut 1/4" off the ends of the lemons, then quarter them, and slice as thinly as possible, removing seeds as you go (I used the lemons whole, pith and all, surprisingly it wasn’t too bitter at all).

    Peel 1/2 orange with a peeler and cut the peel into small pieces. Remove the pith, quarter and slice the orange thinly (I didn’t use the pith this time because it is so much thicker)

    Simmer the lemons, orange, ginger, sugar and a pinch of turmeric for 45 minutes. I started with 2 cups of sugar and 30 minutes cooking time, but it just wasn’t thickening up, so I added another 1/2 cup of sugar, gelatin, and cooked for another 15 mins and it turned out nice and thick.

    Made 3.5 jars total

    Good luck!

  • If I happen to have a spare container with me, usually I’ll replace a damaged one. IMO if you found the original and know where it was, that’s not the same as putting out a random throwdown for a missing cache.

    If it’s a specially made container, I’d probably just log Needs Maintenance, but if you’re just replacing a pill bottle with something similar I would think it’s fair game. In any case definitely mention it in your log

  • Yeah, it’s a shame when a container is abandoned and essentially becomes trash – in my experience, it’s rare for that to happen, though.

    On the other hand, there’s ‘Cache In Trash Out’ events (CITOs): Geocaching events where people gather to pick up litter, remove invasive species, plant trees, or otherwise help the environment. They’re pretty popluar in my local area. So I wouldn’t say geocaching has a net negative impact as far as littering goes!