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  • I played the 3 CD OG Age of Empires III with my brothers as a kid. It was great. We rigged up Hamachi to create a private network and manually edited some AoE config files with our Hamachi IP addresses to be able to have LAN coop sessions. Half the session was getting everything installed and working.

    Now it’s even easier and we play regularly, decades later.

  • PerogiBoitoLGBTQ+@beehaw.orgDo you self defense?
    10 days ago

    Ya I’ll spit out all the unique-to-me self defence tips I learned from my Jiu Jitsu class.

    Crotch nose eyes throat. Attack em. If someone pulls you into a chokehold from behind use your back leg to stomp and drag your shoes down their knees/shins and lean forward to pull them off balance. Use your elbow and your entire body weight (whatever you can) into their stomach, swipe your cupped hand down like a wiper and slam their balls, then move forward as they hopefully let go and flick your hand outwards straight into their eyes.

    Make as much noise as possible and absolutely book it away and run after this.