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I kind of assume the latter is to prevent identity theft. It’s reasons like these that make selfhosting single user instances appealing as you know it’s your account and you have access to the database.

I really hope commenting via Pleroma becomes a bit more viable in the near future so I can use this account mostly for cleanup tasks.

Mastodon is actually built to be social while Twitter just hones its algorithms. There’s so much Twitter could straight up copy from Mastodon and it would make it so much better. Eugen and the community have gotten a lot of things right.

Been trying graphical text editors here and there but the vi-emulators just aren’t Neovim.

I’ve asked the same and the answer is that there’s nothing they can do as lemmy.ml is in some spam blocklist.

Read/play through 4 visual novels
Actually get one of my programming projects to a state where showing it off would be meaningful.

Discord combines a lot of use cases in to one package. You get voice chat, modern chatrooms, video sharing/streaming, direct messages, group messages/calls etc.

But more importantly it operates on a paradigm where a user joining a “server” means you join all the channels automatically, and access to certain channels can then be revoked or gated instead of granted. This is the exact opposite of what, for example IRC had done (and what Matrix/Element still does to a large extent), and it fosters communities as one group of people can have an n amount text/voice channels dedicated to different conversational topics. This is very useful, even if it’s just for a friend group of 5 people. It is no wonder FOSS projects use Discord when it is so useful for it.

Ironically, what Discord does would work incredibly well as a decentralized system. I cannot believe it’s taking this long for the FOSS community create an alternative.

Rather than trying to persuade people to use either incompatible or insufficient alternatives, we must call people to arms and actually create an alternative. Matrix/Element is getting very close and we need more people improving the ecosystem.

Element still needs a UX overhaul and voice channels and the basic building blocks are already there then.

Lemmy is the place you’d want to move people to in case of a greater calamity as federated Lemmy is by nature more community controlled than Reddit or any centralized alternative could literally ever be.

I feel you should just redirect people here anyway before it’s too late. I’m sure the mods here might need help anyway in case of a big influx of users.

Can’t expect others to respect our licenses if we don’t do the same, so let’s make our own twitch with blackjack and hookers.

Also, this looks pretty massive.

Private spaces actually work now! I’m not sure if you can configure them in a way that users get autojoined to all rooms in, and the UX lags behind a lot, but this is the biggest step in to providing an alternative to Discord.

I’ve been missing really fast paced shooters, and Apex Legends has seemed pretty promising on that front. I actually already downloaded it in preparation, but I assume I can’t even join the training area yet.

Is it really a good idea to promote ActivityPub stuff, especially PeerTube as “privacy friendly”? Considering federation is built on copying your data to other servers and PeerTube actually sharing your IP address to boot.

About the most cursed decision I can imagine. Imagine if all the tech media outlets start investing on Intel and AMD with just promises of “not going against values”.

It does seem cruel to put people in to public eye and nation wide expectations from birth.

The Conduit project is an alternative to Synapse which is more efficient for smaller servers.

Interest piqued.

lemmy.ml could also close doors/delist itself sometimes to facilitate decentralization. Closing being probably the preferrable option.

In short, vtubers are content creators who use virtual avatars with often some light lore behind their character. Some are more dedicated to the character, some merely have an avatar. The virtual proxy characters and their backdrops tend to invite a lot creativity from the community side as well…

Linux Gaming community created

EDIT: I had completely missed the creation https://lemmy.ml/c/linux_gaming
So as to not needlessly separate communities, go there instead!..

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?

So I’ve been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that’s finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I’d also like t…

Any major forks of uMatrix?

I’d love to keep using this while I still use a browser other than Qutebrowser, but has the development moved somewhere or is the project just dead?..

I have created a Neovim community over at sopuli.xyz

This editor is growing in to one of the biggest interests I have in software and seeing as there still isn’t a community for Neovim, I thought I should probably step up. Right now there isn’t any very recent big news to talk about, but I thought I’d drop the link nevertheless. Hope to see you there…