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Absolutely enormous as far as I can see. The Matrix devs understandably spend a lot of their time on the protocol and backend, so getting more dedicated user client side devs is pretty critical. Most people go to Discord for the features it offers, and Element just progresses really, really slow towards feature parity.

I said the same thing in my original comment.

This is incorrect, a month prior Turkey’s foreign minister and Erdogan had stated they actually do not want to be in the way and support us, hence the bait and switch. The 180 came hours after our prime minister and president made their stance clear.

They said Turkey could be problematic, but I must say I wasn’t expecting a bait and switch in to extortion. Anyone have any links to learn more about NATO-Turkey relationship and Turkey-Sweden relationship? Even anti-Erdogan Turkish people seem to be behind Erdogan’s decision here.

Twitch is so unbelievably heavy it has redefined what I call bloated. I often have to restart my browser just because Twitch is hogging all the resources.

My suggestion would be to use Streamlink https://streamlink.github.io/
If you have VLC installed, I think should open with that by default. It also skips ad segments.

You’ll need to install yt-dlp or youtube-dl as well.

Timed precisely after the leaders in Finland made their stance clear. Erdogan wants something special for his troubles.

The reason why Valve continues to push Linux heavily.

I think it’s really only true in Arch communities. I too use Arch (btw), but would not touch an Arch community with a 10m pole. The Gaming on Linux community is by far the best I’ve been a part of.

I think Russia has shown us that absolute numbers don’t mean much if most of it collects rust. And even if we accept absolute numbers at face value, Finland isn’t tiny. Namely 900k reservists (of which 280k can be mobilized quickly) and largest artillery in Europe behind Ukraine and Russia. Baltics are especially happy about the new F35 jets we decided to acquire.

Finland has a disproportionately powerful military and the Baltics have been especially happy about Finland’s possible accession.

A possible Swedish application for Nato membership would raise backing in Finland to 83 percent.

A clear position by the Finnish president and the government backing membership raise support by around the same margin, to 82 percent.

Actually just got myself a CRT telly just for Guitar Hero.

The federated timeline is so important to instances just starting out. Really, really hope Eugen reconsiders phasing it out.

You can go with LineageOS without any Google services. It’s still Android, but it really is the best you can get unless Librem 5 has made some major strides.

ncmpcpp has come closest to feature parity with Foobar2000, but I just wish there was a much more vi-oriented fork of it or something.

The fact that they play this off as their own blunder just makes it all seem even worse.

Great video. One other thing I’d like to mention is how Neversoft botched the game engine of the series. On top of not being up to speed with the culture of the music, they weren’t up to speed with how a rhythm game should technically behave.

Newer players starting from GH3 never knew any better, but GH3 made the hit windows ridiculously large and hits (the little notes go up in flames as you hit them) would visually register only at the hit line no matter what, intead of when you actually hit the note. This made it visually difficult to keep track of what you were actually hitting.

The notecharts and song selection deteriorated significantly as well. GH1, GH2 and GH80s placed great importance in getting songs that had actually interesting guitar tracks, not just songs that were popular. GH3 on the other opted to chart bass lines and other instruments in an attempt to make the game more interesting as only a portion of the songs were actually good fit for the game.

Overall, to someone who was already grinding expert difficulty by the time GH3 came out, the game was a big let down and Rock Band was the true successor on the franchise.

I have to say “bickering” is a dubious reason for a ban when there are people in here that respond to anything against their views with heavy sardonicism, degrading the quality of conversation immediately. Yet nothing is done to it.

In short, vtubers are content creators who use virtual avatars with often some light lore behind their character. Some are more dedicated to the character, some merely have an avatar. The virtual proxy characters and their backdrops tend to invite a lot creativity from the community side as well.

Linux Gaming community created
EDIT: I had completely missed the creation https://lemmy.ml/c/linux_gaming So as to not needlessly separate communities, go there instead! https://lemmy.ml/c/linuxgaming For all things related to gaming on penguin machines. Welcome.

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?
So I've been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that's finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I'd also like to warn my friends well in advance before I nuke my Discord account.

Any major forks of uMatrix?
I'd love to keep using this while I still use a browser other than Qutebrowser, but has the development moved somewhere or is the project just dead?

I have created a Neovim community over at sopuli.xyz
This editor is growing in to one of the biggest interests I have in software and seeing as there still isn't a community for Neovim, I thought I should probably step up. Right now there isn't any very recent big news to talk about, but I thought I'd drop the link nevertheless. Hope to see you there. [!neovim@sopuli.xyz](https://sopuli.xyz/c/neovim)