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  • So here’s the deal, I have an old HP laptop I am in the process of resetting and setting up as my ~8yo nephew’s first computer.

    Big mistake. It reinstalls all the bloatware and sometimes it can even end up bricking your Windows install. Always clean install.

    Obviously the parental controls will be in place with his parents getting a crash course in anything they don’t already know how to use(they’re tech literate so I’m not worried about that).

    Just in case you decide to use the Microsoft parental controls. It automatically blocks Firefox so you have to unblock it manually.

    So here’s where my question for y’all comes in, what are your recommendations for a budding computer scientist/programmer’s first Windows machine?

    Replace the HDD with a 512 GB SATA SSD, install 8 GBs of RAM and it will probably last more