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I’m just a weird, furry, pan guy (cis he/him). I also have a big, blue username.

I’m learning Japanese so sometimes I might write something out in romaji just to practice. Please correct it if it’s wrong!

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  • Meanwhile, I love PvP because people can learn and get better so there is always a challenge even after the single player game becomes boring because you know every single trick, trap, move and attack pattern.

    If the Soulsborne games didn’t have PvP, I probably would not have been as big of a fan of them as I currently am. Sekiro is one of my least favorite of them because it has no multiplayer at all and has just 1 build so there’s not really a point to playing through it more than once to experience everything it has.

    But I can understand how people who aren’t that good at games would prefer the computer as their opponent.