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  • It entirely depends on how you want your homelab to work. I use a reverse proxy to set up subdomains for my publicly facing services because I find it easier and cleaner to assign a subdomain to each service, and I also like having HTTPS managed by a single point — a sort of single point of entry to the rest of the services. You’d have to decide what you want out of your homelab, and find and set up the services that yield the outcome that you want.

  • Instead of feeling the lumps on the skull for ADHD this quack use suspect brain scans.

    Imo, it’s nearly equally as suspect to claim that there is no correlation between SPECT brain scans and ADHD as saying that there is a correlation between SPECT brain scans and ADHD. The point that I was trying to convey in the post is that he is harnessing extremely sparse, and far from established, research to try and sell things to people. That isn’t to say that there is established evidence to say that what he’s doing is indeed bogus, there’s simply little research to show that it actually works.

  • I don’t understand the downvotes that this post has received (Currently 8 upvotes and 27 downvotes). The post is just reporting on a finding. It’s not stating an opinion. Are people just unhappy that Trump’s polls have increased so they’re taking it out on this post? Is there something wrong with the article link? Is there some inaccuracy in the reporting? This feels like an example of shooting the messenger. Am I missing something?

    I suppose there is the fundamental issue of people not collectively agreeing on what upvotes and downvotes should be used for.

  • Measured voltage is completely dependent on what is used as a reference. If you were to measure the voltage of a power supply set to +30V with a voltmeter whose leads were backwards (ie positive on the voltmeter connected to negative on the power supply, and negative connected to positive), then you would measure -30V. All this is to say that if you connect your 30V supply “backwards”, you will have -30V. Now, there may be some circuitry in the power supply that only allows current in one direction, and it could be that it’s able to source a different amount of current than it’s able to sink, so be sure to check its manual.

    I’ve tried -12V from psu i’ve got lying around but it didn’t work.

    I’d advise caution against arbitrary decisions with electronics — both for your own safety and the safety of the equipment.