Hey there! I am a science/technology enthusiast and regular contributor to Wikipedia. Elsewhere you may find me with the @JackFromWisconsin@wikis.world handle.

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re: the pending subscribe, this is a known issue: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2685

You can click and subscribe again to remove “pending”.

great update, lots of good quality of life features. rip the c/main community, may you live in peace

I haven’t tested it enough, but that does seem to be the case. For both users and communities you can block/unblock on their page or in your user settings page.

I wouldn’t touch it on the account of it’s crypto stuff.

Where would one find a good wired mouse in 2023?
Hello lemmy, I'm looking to replace my mouse and get a new one. Preferably wired, I don't really like the bluetooth mice. Not looking for extra buttons or anything, just a basic Mouse that does the clicks and scrolls.

The mockup below by @0x1C3B00DA@lemmy.ml looks pretty close to how I was envisioning it. It definitely looks off, and that’s why my preferred implementation is that Mastodon (and the other microblog services) add title support. Since they won’t or aren’t, I would rather that non-local content is preserved how it was, without too significant guesswork to fill in each platforms’ fields. Titleless, but preserving the post and not having a poor title is preferable to me than an awkward title that anyone on mastodon doesn’t see and doesn’t know about.

Allowing for people on lemmy to submit titleless posts can be allowed, since the tech would already be in the front-end to display it. Doesn’t have to be allowed, though.

It looks like you’re just supposed to redirect the draft page. See here, #17

New communities: c/health and c/environment
Hello! I created two communities, one about our health, and the other about our planet's health. * [!environment@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/c/environment) * [!health@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/c/health) Feel free to subscribe and contribute!

Titles could become optional for short text posts. You could allow up to 500 characters in the body field to be a stand alone post title-less, which automatically adds support for all fedimicroblog services. This would have to be a setting per community to allow title-less posts or not, including a warning that this would break compatibility with mastodon, etc.

Nice. Medium is a blog-type site, right? Wish they mentioned if they were working on having the blogs be federated.

The article is asking for people to not be filming people for TikToks or whatever, especially without consent

The title had me thinking it may be something similar to The Matrix. Thankful that is not the case.

ChatGPT would be the last place I’d ask.

it’s all soap…? You eat food with hands too so i don’t see the issue

Hello! I created [!business@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/c/business) for discussion and sharing of links about business. The community isn't necessarily pro- or anti- business. Feel free to subscribe and share!

Just to note the title is misleading – these were not staff nor paid. They got it right in the article, at least:

Two high-ranking “admins” – volunteer administrators with privileged access to Wikipedia, including the ability to edit fully protected pages – have been imprisoned since they were arrested on the same day in September 2020, the two bodies added.

I am working on creating !communities@midwest.social , which will be for listing and discovering new communities, preferably those on smaller instances (to promote federation). It’s currently unfinished but I’ve been slowly working on adding new communities. Feel free to suggest any!

What’s the easiest thing for most people to do to improve their digital privacy?
For me, I currently use Firefox on my computer and phone, uBlock Origin and YouTube Vanced. What else is fairly easy to do that I can add on?

Any reason for this other than “didn’t think about it”? It seems like a great way to help newer/smaller instances discover content that is on unknown instances.

From the buyers perspective: each person may value a product differently.

Abundance of image macros instead of links/text posts. It seems like everything is an image, meme, or infographic now.

But looking from Ada’s instance: https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/communities/listing_type/All/page/1

You don’t see all lemmy.ml communities. Unless this is a case of “federation takes some time” (might be, I’m not very familiar with the inner workings) it seems that the only communities known to lemmy.blahaj.zone are those that have been searched for.

Yeah you’re right about groups/communities not showing up in search or the communities view. That’s unfortunate that they don’t all federate upon discovery of the instance. I kinda assumed discovery of the instance was discovery of all communities.

On bigger instances (like lemmy.ml ) you can click the instances on the bottom, which shows you all the linked (and blocked) lemmy instances. From there you can put them in search and it’s to my understanding they’ll start showing up in ‘all’ post feed. Again another work around, but this is closer to what you want.

What are “Trending” communities
It seems that it's just recently created communities, at least on the instance I'm on. Is that how it works everywhere..? I feel that "Trending" ≠ recently created. Either it should be renamed, or what I'd prefer is that a way to differentiate "trending" communities.

Each language Wikipedia may have its own rules, but generally sources are accepted in all languages. It’s not universally required, though.

Minimum is 3 “notable” mentions of the subject in different sources. For new editors, the standard is ~5 good sources for the submission to be accepted. “Established” editors don’t need peer review to publish an article, hence me being able to publish it.

On Lemmy? To promote good posts, and demote poor posts. That’s the point, anyway.

Yes there was a post a bit back from the admins that they were adding the body option to all posts.

I’m experiencing same today after updating. Sent a crash report, running android 11. (I was running this from Play Store. Not F-Droid)

Lemmy is both a smaller community and a lot more “opt-in” than other sites. Each instance may or may not federate (read: link up) with others, and to find communities you have to explicitly search for them. There is no algorithm nor massive popularity to shove communities in your face, so less people are aware. What Lemmy needs is more adoption by people. Growth is going to be the only way that the community aspect survives.

The “external account”'s platform would need to have activitypub group support. I admit I’ve not played around with this enough, but it’s to me understanding that if your platform supports posting to ActivityPub groups, then they can post to Lemmy communities.

Twitter is going to die a death of a thousand cuts. Whether its final fate is through legal action, technological collapse, targetted hacking, or simply everyone leaving the platform, it’s clear that Twitter can’t survive the near future

Exactly. It may be “cringe” for us who actually know/care about all this stuff, but for a news agency trying to reach a wide audience, its beneficial to simplify some of the more technical details. They’ll learn too, in time. Before long, people will be all comfortable saying with “instance” they are on. We just need to give it some time.

This page from the eia.gov website shows that consuption of nat. gas in the residential sphere has remained relavitely constant. https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/natural-gas/use-of-natural-gas.php

Of course its fully possible for both an increase in new homes with gas, and for the usage to remain constant.

I like to put YouTube on my phone, but not watch the video. I’ll pick a longer video and set my phone on my end table with the screen off/down. I keep it just quiet enough that I can hear it over my fan and my own rustling noises. Sometimes though I just can’t get to sleep on time and that’s whatever. Note: I don’t take melatonin or any sleeping supplements.

I would like to see an easier way to “link accounts” together.
It would be great to be able to link an account on one instance to another instance elsewhere on the fediverse. A way for there to be an "official" recognition that the human behind the one account controls the other account, without the clunky system of having to put the link in each others bios.