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  • Agreed, I hope it helps to get more people into Star Trek. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember memories and love the property to death.

    I wasnt trying to crap on Discovery—I appreciate it because it laid the ground for the current (and seemingly ending) renaissance of Star Trek we’ve enjoyed over the past few years. However; I think in the context its pertinent to bring up, since Discovery was allowed to flounder around for 5 seasons never really knowing what it was trying to do and then ended abruptly on a real stinker of a final season whereas Prodigy—in comparison a much better show (both star trek-related and in general)—was just snuffed out and thrown away before it even had a chance. Not to mention that it was probably much cheaper to produce since it’s animated and not live action (I know a lot of work still goes into animation).

    Like I said though, I liked Discovery—I just think the final season was terrible for myriad reasons. I also know they are both canceled so it’s kinda just me venting frustration as a fan.

    Just another case of the Ruling Owner Class being only concerned with near term profits and nothing else.

    Here’s hoping Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds continue to carry the torch of fantastic (and not just middling) Star Trek.

  • Easy to do when trajectory is consistent, we do it all the time.

    But yeah, ostensibly the Death Star has a hyperdrive which means it can move very fast (seemingly faster than any warp or trans warp drive). But it’s never really touched on how discreetly that enables it to move. (Based on it seeming to need orbital mechanics at sub-light speed to target the rebel base in Star Wars) I’m guessing a cube would out match it in a dog fight (stupidest dog fight ever). Now Death Star II seemed a little more quick with its super laser in Return of the Jedi (targeting rebel capital ships with ease) so that’s also something to consider.

    But I bet your bottom dollar the Borg can get through whatever shielding technology the empire has since physical ships can traverse it without issue.

    End of the day you got a huge ball filled with slightly more effective storm troopers that look gross.