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  • Just due to all companies becoming cooperatives, does not mean everybody can just drive around in monster trucks, eat steak all day and live in giant mansions.

    So your only argument is a strawman? (I never said anything like that, nor do you seem to have a grasp on the impacts capitalism actually has or what the aims of abolishing it are)

    This “the big guys up top, have to solve the crisis” is just a way to deny any sort of responsiblilty and therefore ends up without any sort of action.

    You keep believing that, and continue to be completely non critical of who is promoting that notion to you and why (also another strawman, because not buying in to these useless distraction campaigns in no way shape or form means inaction, if anything, it’s usually the opposite, anti capitalists aim at the core of the issue, while tokenistic behaviour makes you feel like you’ve contributed when in reality you’ve impacted literally fuck all but your own ego - there’s a reason my comment made you defensive)…

  • Good for them for taking a stand against consumerism, but their personal shopping habits (even collectively, they equal less than a drop in an ocean) aren’t going to change neither climate change, nor inflation.

    This idea that “every little helps” is just more of the same “personal responsibility” those who are actually responsible but refuse to be held accountable push on to the rest of the population to distract us from their own actions.

    The only way to fight climate change (and be rid of the artificial concept that is inflation, which is there solely to make the rich richer) is by removing the cancer, rather than continue to apply band aids to it, and abolishing capitalism.

  • At some point it won’t anymore, but for many different reasons, they can’t see/don’t care.

    First of all, as we mentioned, capitalism decays in to fascism, at which point (and why they actively working towards it) they will have even more power and less human rights to get in the way of the exploitation oppression and resource accumulation.

    Then there’s also the fact that, being so far removed from the rest of society and being the ones who make the rules, they don’t feel like those should apply to them, not even rules of nature like “infinite growth is impossible in a finite world”.

    This also means that their view of reality is so warped they think they’ll always be on top/secure. For example - they’re all spending millions even billions on bunkers, but never stop to consider who will serve and protect them in that bunker and why anyone would still be willing to (when things get bad enough, their money will be useless), as well as what world they might come out to if they do survive. Never mind stop what they’re doing to prevent the need for a bunker in the first place (to them, being equal to everyone else seems like a worse fate than global destruction).

    The problem is that capitalism is a global cancer, and one fascist coming to their end doesn’t mean the system that got them there has been destroyed, or even “fixed” (you can see this in the failures to de-nazify Germany after the war, or to de-racist America after it’s founding, or de-monarchize? the UK for example), and that is why we say “workers of the world unite”, because it will take a global effort, not only in revolution, but in creating an equitable, just, and inclusive foundation for something better to be built on out of the void (this will require mass deprogramming and unlearning of the social structures imposed by the kyriarchy, and re-learning solidarity, compassion, community, cooperation, and so on - all things that actually come naturally to us, but are beaten out of us by life under capitalism).

    And now I’ve lost my train of thought, and I’ve probably rambled on enough, so I’m going to leave it there lol