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  • Not going back to Jerboa unless the basic feature of searching contents other than just communities is implemented. I find this fundamental feature sorely lacking in Jerboa while every other app around there have this.




    Kind of surprising, because this is pretty basic feature, and has been open for over two years.

  • This article seems to assume that advertisers don’t want our identifying information, and are clamoring for an alternative to tracking that lets them measure ad performance anonymously, which is just not true. Being able to uniquely identify users and target them is a feature, and getting more data points from the browser just helps add to their profiles.

  • Most Piped instances are also not working because they use NewPipe Extractor under the hood.

    As someone else said in this thread, I have also temporarily switched to FreeTube for Android, because a few of the Invidious instances are still working fine.

    The nice thing about the FOSS world is that it’s pretty easy to import subscriptions and other stuff from NewPipe to FreeTube.

    I hope this YouTube fuckery is handled soon. I love NewPipe way more every time it successfully deals with the YT weirdos.