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  • That’s not, wasn’t, and never will be free even if you don’t ritual with your Talisman, the dollar.

    Closed source software isn’t about making money. That’s just a sucker tool to vacuum people that accept shit-worse-than slavery from the dollar.

    Free means to ditch any and all software that some person you don’t gorram know bar one pedophile who stole everyone else’s written software and turned around selling it promising what it does. Even he doesn’t know jack fucking squat about what it really does.

    If you flip that for the trust you gave over the then the news is that you’re an even more gullible sucker and it isn’t a gamble on whether or not the next software cracker will kidnap the rest of your family as well.

    The life of everyone in your family will inevitably become the truth serum regenex for Steve Jobs when they unfreeze his ass. If you think he really is dead then you weren’t paying the fuck attention to his stock market vaccine six months before his ice cube.

  • You mean “cost” as in the cost of the collective people. Such is not given a fuck about by anyone with enough to not be a communist. That and such wealth would give zero fucks if it weren’t for the fact that this level of wealth can, instead of forcing people, simply buy anything to be done that is delirious, disgusting and more that even I don’t want to talk about here.

    At the end of the day it become the choice of every individual who doesn’t want to die to sell their kid to Bill Gates who will do you know what.

  • Crypto isn’t a gamble when you study them and realize that the only fucking one out there that maintains respect for you is Monero.

    Bitcoin is the snitchcoin. Great to force all businesses to handle it and reveal their entire financial existence and movement to tax them knowing everything.

    Everything else is just exactly this fucking shenanigan.

    There’s facts explaining this. Ask your questions because if you have anything contrary to say then I have no problem schooling you. Your welcome.

    I know these things because I don’t gamble.