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  • So, did Biden’s intellect just suddenly collapse on stage, leading to his withdrawal, or was the DNC lying to us about his mental competency during all these years it took to set up his campaign? Did they always have this planned, or were they hoping to push a candidate through who they felt wasn’t actually capable of performing his duties? On that note, if he’s unfit to continue his campaign, then he’s probably unfit to continue his presidency too, and should just hand the reigns to Harris now. The whole thing stinks. Yes, vote trump into oblivion, but that doesn’t mean we need to like what happened.

  • Their personality can change over time, but not WHO they are. So things like age (unless you plan to age the entire universe equally), facial features, race

    Oh boy, you’re going to piss off so many people with that one.

    I really like how they handled it with Miles Moralis and wrote a completely new story. It’s a great story too! They respected who Peter has always been, while still creating a new Spider-Man. BTW, since it seems that you’re unaware, Miles came from Into the Spiderverse, which is an awesome animated movie. Check it out, you’ll enjoy it. The second one is actually only half of a movie though, and we didn’t know that going in, so I’d steer clear of that until the 3rd comes out.

  • You should probably settle down a little. Yes I know who trump is, which is why I’m willing to vote for whomever they shove in front of us. I’d vote for a literal pile of garbage, or an open can of tuna before voting for trump. I would never vote for trump. Maybe read what I wrote again.

    Yes I’m serious, selecting candidates through a primary is how elections have been held in this country for decades, whenever the incumbent isn’t running. You think that a candidate selected by the voters is going to be less likely to get those voter’s votes in the general election? Do you understand what a primary is?

    Edit: since you’re all worked up about “now???” Take a minute and think about it. It’s always going to be the same threat from the GOP moving forward, until the actual problem is fixed. If not trump, it’ll be DeSantis, or Hannity, or any of the other unelectable people they have in their pool of horrible candidates to choose from.