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  • I haven’t seen a community for requesting others to create communities, unless I have missed it. The original purpose of this community is to find discover and promote new communities, and is still the main purpose, but requesting a community is okay, even if it isn’t the main purpose. For example, there was a post recently asking for alternative communities for venting/psychological help and there was some suggestions, and while that wasn’t a post for promotion of new communities, it wasn’t taken down, since it was related to new communities. I would say just to request it and maybe ask if one is already created, and one might be hosted on a different instance that you don’t know about yet

  • I think possibly, but since I did not see this comment till now, and there was recently an update on, so it was possibly solved. When I was searching for it, it seemed to take a few seconds longer than the others for it to fetch, I have heard in the past the is having problem’s due to the size, but it showed up. At least you should be able to get to the community and view it, but the “subscribe pending” thing still happens. We are on the same instance, so this should be the same for you, I think. Hope the bug is fixed for you too!

  • Hello, we have recently added a new rule that the community name and a description be included in the title. This helps people understand the content of the community better from a glance

    An example for your community is shown below, based on your community sidebar, but you can update your title differently, if you believe there is a better way to explain it:

    Imaginary Starships - A place to post pictures of imaginary starships

    Please update your title as soon as possible!

  • Hello, I never really thought of it that way. I thought it would be more useful for a description since some community names don’t make sense by themself, but I think including both the name and a description in the title would be more useful.

    Saw this post earlier and wanted to respond before continuing to post with the community name added this time but got sidetracked into an internet rabbit hole accidentally, so sorry for the delay in response to this post

    For clarification, a post title would be like this? Just to make sure I’m understanding correctly:

    New Communities - A place to post new communities all over Lemmy for discovery and promotion.

  • I’m sorry if my posts have made your frustrated or irritated. I’m not a bot, this is a place to announce new communities, and a lot of communities were made recently. If all of them are announced, it may help with communities fracturing too much. I saw your mod reports and I think you are also confused about the creators of the communities, by saying “generating hundreds of new communities”, it makes me think that you think I moderate them. However, I only moderate 4 communities, including this one, and all of those I posted have their own moderators

  • Q: Why do I get a 404?

    A: At least one user in an instance needs to search for a community before it gets fetched. This may take some time. Searching for the community will bring it into the instance and it will fetch a few of the most recent posts without comments. If a user is subscribed to a community, then all of the future posts and interactions are now in-sync.