I particularly enjoy how Google got savaged:

Google has a similar yet slightly different story, where their core product - search - has gone from a place where you find information to an increasingly-manipulated labyrinth of SEO-optimized garbage shipped straight from the content factories.

Google no longer provides the “best” result or answer to your query - it provides the answer that it believes is most beneficial or profitable to Google. Google Search provides a “free” service, but the cost is a source of information corrupted by a profit-seeking entity looking to manipulate you into giving money to the profit-seeking entities that pay them.

The system almost 100% works as intended! But it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t work for a vast majority of human beings across the globe. But yet it absolutely works as intended for the Parasite Class, the 0.01% at the very top.

And this is why it’s a cancer of our society. Until it has been excised and replaced with something more humane, human civilization is doomed to collapse. You cannot have an economic ideology that demands infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.