Hello. I do the golf and am about a 3/10 at it. I sold my old set when I moved but am looking to get a new set again but immediately hit a conundrum…

Do I get a cheap new set? Do I get a second-hand set? Do I take time to build a secondhand set?

The other problem is; I have no clue when it comes to what makes a good club. My previous driver was brutal, but highly rewarding when hit just right. Whereas I’d use friend’s drivers and found them much more forgiving. I have no idea why that was except I noted my club head was smaller, maybe that?

I also don’t really know what clubs I should have in the bag. I figure I’d go with what I’ve used most, or maybe just go Driver, 3, 5, 7, 9… and then we go with the speciality clubs. Never had a hybrid, never had a wedge apart from PW and SW. I used a friend’s loft wedge no idea what it was, but I loved it.

Does anyone have good advice on all these queries? Or have a good source that isn’t a crappy algorithm article?