Ontario police neighborhood watch liaisons encourage folks to call the cops for ‘suspicious’ (young male ethnic minorities) individuals walking through your (white middleclass) neighborhood.

You should put your house number on the back of your house too, so your rear neighbor can accurately call the cops to your house if there is a break in.

Engravers are 20$. Engrave your valuables with your license plate. Even if you switch license plates numbers, license plates numbers are not reissued. You should know the model and serial number of valueables for calling it in to the cops for the highest chance of it being returned to you by the cops.

Crime Stoppers provides citizens with a vehicle to anonymously supply the police with information about a crime or potential crime of which they have knowledge. Cash rewards are offered to people who call the program and their information leads to an arrest. You have to keep your referral number thing to be able to collect a prize, you’d have to call in a few months to check the status of the referral number.