I am looking to get an idea of this community and i don’t see much content here so I’m hoping we’ll get somewhere with this.

I follow:

International cricket

To a lesser extent international football (soccer) & Rugby League. As well as Various “Olympic” sports but mostly only when there are major events, like the Wold Games, Pan-American, and the Olympics themselves.

American professional sports: Baseball (MLB & a number of minor league teams), Soccer (MLS, USOC and a number of lower level leauges/teams ) #DCTID, Ice Hockey (NHL, rarely junior and minor league), Cricket (MiLC, will probably follow MLC when it launches this year)

American College Sports: NCAA Ice Hockey (Men’s D1 & D3, Women’s D1), NCAA Baseball (D1), NJCAA Baseball (mostly D2), NCAA Lacrosse (mostly men’s D1), NCAA Softball (mostly D1).

To a lesser extent ACHA college hockey, College Rugby, NCAA Gymnastics

International club (or franchise) sports: IPL (Indian Cricket), CPL (Canadian Soccer)

To a lesser extent, BBL (Australiaian Cricket, both men’s and women’s), LigaMX (Mexican Soccer), UEFA Champions League (European Club Football Tournament), FA Cup (English Football Tournament), Super Leauge (British Rugby League)

Pro Wrestling (Sports Entertainment): Lucha Libre AAA worldWide, Impact Wrestling, AEW, New Japan (NJPW), XICW , WWE (Main Roster not NXT), Ring of Honor (RoH),

lesser Extent, Pro Wrestling Noah, Dragon Gate, GCW, and additional local indies.