This community was abandoned by the previous mods, we’re in need of more mods and added content. I’ve been trying to keep it alive. If your interested comment below that your interested. Even if your not interested in a mod position, anybody is able to post “There was an attempt” content for the community to enjoy.

Keep in mind that as a moderator, it is up to us to make sure all posts follow the Lemmy.World’s rules, and the community rules.

  • cod@lemmy.worldM
    11 months ago

    I mod a couple communities already, the biggest of which has a few thousand members, I’d be happy to add another. I don’t want to be the only mod, but I’d happily join a mod team

    As a side note, if anyone knows of any iOS apps which send push notifications for reports, that would be awesome. Mod notifications are much easier to handle when I can see it on my Lock Screen