I’m just not sure about this, and a slight bit ambivalent at this juncture. Along with questions.

Why crypto and not Euros in the states, or dollars in Germany? how to calculate mining fees, if any, and which cryptos? I personally prefer Stellar XLM and a couple of others, but dislike Bitcoin and Ethereum, for the most part.

and these payments, are they coming directly from my wallet (keys), or some account hosted by someone else in their wallet, having to play the memo and exchange rate game?

if I can tap my phone or scan a QR code to make a debit/credit payment, there’s no reason why I can’t do the same with my Lobs.tr wallet.

I don’t really see the benefit of empowering most credit card firms when I can manage my own keys, pay and receive payment almost instantly directly to/from others, all without a middleman or anchor/exchange of any sort that will certainly want to charge me per transaction for the privilege of letting them earn interest on my money in their fake wallets.

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