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    A Winnipeg councillor is apologizing after an investigation found he breached conflict of interest rules last year when he voted to push through a development owned by his friend and former campaign manager, despite concerns from city planning officials.

    Last June, Chambers and two other Riel community committee members voted unanimously against changes recommended by planners for a proposed five-storey, 152-unit apartment complex at 180 Creek Bend Rd., which is in his ward.

    Chambers, who also serves as deputy mayor and chair of the Winnipeg police board, failed to recuse himself or identify a personal relationship to one of the owners of the development, Amit Bindra, who spoke during a delegation to the committee, the report says.

    The recommendations from city planners that Chambers and the committee voted against would have forced two-thirds of the development’s parking to be moved underground, and called for a six-metre-long landscape buffer to preserve nearby trees and shrubs.

    Instead, Chambers introduced a motion to reject the recommendations and approve the development’s plans as submitted, which included nearly half of the 228 parking stalls above ground as well as a 2.4-metre landscape buffer.

    A local residents’ association formed in opposition to the project’s size, citing a potential lack of parking, increased noise complaints and traffic congestion, Walsh’s report says.

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