In the ruling, the judges argued the application could not be successful because of a new law, Rebuilding Ontario Place Act, 2023, that the government passed days after the court application was filed last November.


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    The group wanted to force the province to carry out an environmental assessment of a part of the Ontario Place’s West Island before proceeding with the redevelopment.

    “The applicant’s request for an order requiring the respondents to conduct an environmental assessment of the West Island redevelopment cannot succeed,” a panel of three judges concluded in the ruling.

    The province’s controversial plans for Ontario Place include a new massive spa and indoor water park, to be built by the Austria-based company Therme, and a revamped Budweiser Stage concert venue.

    The province will also be moving the Ontario Science Centre, currently located in the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood, to the site.

    The law expanded the powers of the infrastructure minister, exempted the province from the Environment Assessment Act and stated that the Ontario Heritage Act will not be applied to portions of Ontario Place.

    Norm Di Pasquale, co-chair of Ontario for All, said the group believes that the government passed the law to undermine the legal challenge.

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