Who’s birthday is around now? We can declare it international fedivangelism day.

Doesn’t mean done successfully, just that you tried.

I’ll go first:

Ive asked like 140 ppl irl if they have a mastodon acct, which usually gets them to say “mastodon?” Then I strike. So like 75 ppl more know the basics of mastodon, but 0 sign ups yet.

Like 20 of them are random guys approaching me and I cock block by telling them to add me to mastodon. You’d hope theyd actually be interested enough to sign up. This is also a lpt lol.

@humanetech@lemmy.ml I fully intend to write this down in my calendar once we have a date picked

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Ha, nice idea. You can add the Fedivangelism Day to Fediverse Wiki by @PaulaToThePeople@climatejustice.social … dunno if a page exists, but there’s other Fedi Celebration Days, like the Fedi Birthday where @lightone@mastodon.xyz always creates a great surprise around (this year it was the Fedi Quiz done together with @minoru@functional.cafe).

For me this was a year of promoting Fediverse in all kinds of ways. I am most interested in seeing fedi reach its full potential as a “social fabric”, and my vision is the Peopleverse: An online social space that is a natural extension to our physical world and daily lives. I call what I do Weaving in Public in hopes to inspire and bring people closer together.

Fedivangelism Day to Fediverse Wiki by

How do I add a page?

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Haven’t created pages myself yet. You might ping Paula, or post to Fediverse Town which is related to the wiki.

An online social space that is a natural extension to our physical world and daily lives.

I dig it. Zuck has said something similar too. What’s your take on his interpretation?

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My take is that we shouldn’t care a rat’s ass what Zuck says and doesn’t say ;p

The Fediverse stands on its own. Other than both words end on “verse” there’s no relationship. Metaverse sounds cold and heartless to me, dehumanized. The vision is dystopic too, a future where we’ll bump into each other with stupid VR goggles on, while walking aimlessly in virtual hellscapes where Zuck is our overlord :D

Haha sounds good!

This is a good kind of a cockblock because the person isn’t even getting exploited by getting a mastodon account, they’re rather getting “freed”

Fedivangelism is a portmanteau of “fediverse” and “evangelism”.

The purpose of this community is to provide a space where those interested in seeing federated platforms succeed can collaborate to help grow the ecosystem.

If you’d like to participate more directly, join us on Discord or Matrix!

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