One of the goals of this project is to build a culture and set of best practices for directly engaging with your social connections in community building activities. With that in mind, methods to get in touch with and organize with like-minded individuals will be compiled.


Hey Buddy

Reach out directly to someone who may be interested in organizing with you.

Activity Drive

Organize an activity sometime in the future and schedule a dedicated period for outreach. Outreach should include enough time to allow for multiple attempts at getting the message out. Particular emphasis should be placed on message originating from multiple original sources.

Distributed Survey

Plan an event wherein community members directly survey their social circle’s experiences. This has the benefit of both spreading word about your community and ensuring that your community is connected to a larger conversation.

Community Collaboration

Plan events with related communities. These events should emphasize crossover from the two communities, so as to expose more folks to their own people.


You should nearly always be crossposting to and from related communities. Crossposting is notable among this list for being relatively low impact and therefore repeatable over a shorter period of time.

This wiki is a living document. If you are interested in contributing, please comment below or make a post over at [email protected]