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When I first found it, it did also give an entered building message, but I haven’t managed to test it in a storm. I’m currently distracted in my Permadeath run looking for more of these … structures?

  • @[email protected]
    3 months ago

    It’s a mud hut, and it isn’t too rare. I usually find them on rainy-type worlds.

    Also, you can unlock it as a buildable item. It’s at the Quicksilver vendor. And you can change its size.

    Handy if you want to build a quick base in a random spot, and don’t want to deal with actually constructing much. I have a few bases that are just a mud hut, a teleporter, a solar generator, and a battery.

    Occasionally, I’ll get creative and add a wood floor and a wood doorway. But those aren’t needed for it to be a proper shelter.

    • @GrimpenOP
      13 months ago

      Thanks! I noticed a post on Reddit with one of these after posting this.

      I’ve never seen one in the wild before, and I obviously haven’t spent too much in the Quicksilver shop. I did spend a bit more time on that planet looking for one (my permadeath run had more detours than is optimal) and never saw another.