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Sorry if this isn’t relevant to the community, but couldn’t think of anywhere better to post. I saw something curious in my RSS comics feed last night for the Abstruse Goose comic. The author is fairly prolific and used to post comics based on math, technology, etc. His site and archive of comics has now been replaced with a single cryptic message:

“AGI will not be designed by humans. It will be evolved through relentless evolutionary computational processes designed by humans.”

Very curious! Anybody have any theories on what is going on? I can’t imagine what his motivation might be :)

    • Anony MooseOP
      33 months ago

      Right? I’m hoping he clarifies what he’s talking about.

  • @[email protected]
    23 months ago

    Probably another case of “I don’t want people training AI on my posts/images so I’m nuking my entire online existence”.