• rekabis
    1 month ago

    Any drug made with even a penny of taxpayer money (grants, funding, etc.) should be priced to taxpayer-affordability levels, with any corporation making it beholden to production SLA’s that severely ding them (far more than they could ever make off of the drug) if they cannot meet 100% of market demand.

    Plus, set up a government company whose sole purpose is to serve the public by producing drugs at cost for anything that isn’t meeting market demand. As in, massively undercut the Parasites.

    Then make this retroactive to all drugs, all the way back, no matter when they were developed.

    If a drug company wants to suckle at any teat other than 100% self-funded, they would have to put 100% of their own money towards developing that drug. As it is, there are ZERO DRUGS that haven’t been developed on the taxpayer dime, either in part or in whole.