Paris police said 3,000 people gathered in Paris on Monday evening, at a demonstration against the far right, which made historic gains in the European elections on Sunday. Other gatherings took place around the country.

Thousands of people gathered in several cities across France on Monday, June 10, in the evening, following the far-right Rassemblement National’s surge at the polls in the European elections and French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of a dissolution of the Assemblée Nationale.

Paris police said 3,000 people had gathered on the Place de la République in Paris at 8 pm. Many of them were young people, chanting with middle fingers raised, slogans such as “Everybody hates Marine Le Pen.”

The prospect of having a far-right prime minister in three weeks terrifies me,” said Alice, a 24-year-old student. Alba Bourreau, 19, an arts student, was taking part in her “first political demonstration,” having voted on Sunday for the first time, saying she’s “ready to come and demonstrate as much as we need to.” “We’ve come to mobilize against fascism, and because we’re fed up with this image that France votes right or far right. The left also exists. It’s in the streets tonight,” said Luna, 19.

  • Hacksaw
    30 days ago

    Oh shit France runs things WAY faster than us Canadians. Probably for the best. The longer the campaign is, the more politicians can use bullshit populist fearmongering. Good luck to the French for defeating the fascists… That just won in France for the EU elections…