The lead singer of the Four Tops said a Detroit-area hospital restrained him and ordered a psychological exam after refusing to believe that he was part of the Motown music group.

Alexander Morris, who is Black, filed a lawsuit Monday against Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Warren, alleging racial discrimination and other misconduct during an April 2023 visit for chest pain and breathing problems.

Hospital staff “wrongfully assumed he was mentally ill when he revealed his identity as a celebrity figure,” the lawsuit says.

Morris is not an original member, but he joined the group in 2019.

The lawsuit says a nurse finally believed Morris was in the Four Tops and the psychological exam was canceled.

The hospital offered a $25 gift card as an apology, but Morris refused to accept it, the lawsuit says.

  • girlfreddyOP
    1 month ago

    Tbh I’ve had more issues with male physicians than female (a couple with female, dozens with male), ie: pulled my ACL off the bone at work but was told that women don’t hurt themselves badly, so all ok. Took them 6 months to give me a scope and clean the mess in my knee, then another 2 months before I got the ACL replaced (by an utter fucking idiot who put it in the wrong position).

    It failed 14 months later (same job), took 8 months to get an MRI, & waited 16 months for a second replacement.

    Took seeing multiple different physicians (all male) and 20 yrs before they finally MRI’d my torn rotator cuff (same job) and it finally got fixed 2 years ago … when I was in my early-mid 60s.

    3 years ago a newish-to-me gyno didn’t bother doing an ultrasound and found out mid-surgery (for uterine polyps) that my uterus is tipped completely upside down towards my tailbone. I had 4 nurses holding my hands trying to talk me through that pain, and when it was done and I was walking down the hallway, the gyno was running after me apologizing.

    Every time it was a male Dr. whose arrogance trumped patient care.

    Every. Fucking. Time.