I have been backing up the photos folder for my immich. Something weird happened with one of my hard drives so i had to restore. It has a folder for each year and inside there is a folder for each day. immich doesnt support the ability to drag and drop the year folder into the UI. What’s the best way to get all my media back into immich?

  • Lem453
    2 months ago

    For future reference, if you use docker compose you can setup up this as well for each application that has a postgres database

    Give it the same user name and password for the database that the application uses. Give it a mounted volume then you backup the docker files and the folder where these backups are made at the same time


    If you ever have a problem you will have several proper database dumps to work with

    I have one of these for every docker app that runs postgres.

    I believe there is a similar thing you can setup for mariadb and sqlite