The Refurbished Steam Deck LCD models are back in stock and extremely cheap! In case you don’t want to click on our article, here are the prices:

64GB - $279

256GB - $319

512GB - $359
  • Grimpen
    3 months ago

    Hard disagree. Sure, I might be okay with doing that, you might be okay with that, but the success of the Steam Deck hinges on its accessibility and ease of use.

    The people on a Steam Deck Lemmy community are not representative of most users, and I recommend the Steam Deck frequently to others based on its ease of use, not it’s moddability.

    I will concede that Steam’s support of parts and upgrades also has long term positive implications, even for people that just buy it to play games. Even if the average user never cracks it open to swap out the hard drive, they probably know someone who could. A broken screen for a Steam Deck is a repair, not a replacement for example.