• Laticauda
    3 months ago

    Bro they don’t share ANY similarities. Saying they’re similar because they all have “lots of sidequests” or “DLCs” is like saying Lord of the rings and Arthur Christmas are similar movies because they both have elves and an older mentor figure. I’m sorry but that’s just beyond ridiculous. Especially since you don’t seem to have any idea what their DLCs contain. And no I’m not saying that because I like all of those games, I only ever really got into botw, the other 3 either didn’t catch my attention or I tried them and couldn’t get into them, but I still know enough to know that calling them similar in this context is delusional, the only thing they vaguely share is the open world genre. They are extremely different games you couldn’t have chosen more different examples if you tried, I can think of a ton of non open world games that have more similarities with each.