• WashedOver
    44 months ago

    Damn what a crap show that was! Sorry you went through that.

    I never thought of twitter as I don’t use it. I did start phoning other departments within Google including media relations but got nothing but the same thing of we have no power here and you need to go back into the automated system to try again.

    I love android and have since the S2 came out. I never liked Apple phones despite their fantastic real people customer service that you can reach. I did lose a driver’s phone that he forgot the password to but in the end I could reach a real person to deal with the issues and most of the time they could help guide me to the solution.

    After 13 attempts of sending my gift card details and my store receipts to Google I gave up. They are losing a long time customer that didn’t spend millions with the company over the years but the couple of thousand over the years for work and home I should have at least shown I wasn’t some deadbeat anonymous person from the internet trying to scam them.

    At the end of the day I’m left feeling like a sucker for trying to resolve the issue with Google and for continuing to be a customer when they treat me like a scammer.